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Chairman Message

Dear Friends,

I am very glad to introduce the first ever "C0-operative Industrial Estate" in Ahmedabad.

Though the area is small in comparison to the surround areas but it has got units that has a national and international presence.

That is why a need of website was felt long. I am confident that the web portal would give a better knowledge at the units in "GVMSAVLTD" to the surrounding areas.

In order to give an excellent global exposure to the units here & the advertisers, we are also launching the directory online on

I would like to emphasis the imperativeness of strengthening the Estate and taking a united approach by all industries to win the mounting challenges and strive towards for a better future. This web portal will become business friendly for better future.

I also like to thank all our members for their full support in making this web portal a success.

Wishing you all the Best

Mr. Bhupendra Parekh